Nav menu is not vertically centered w.r.t the logo

So I started building websites in webflow from last year but this time I am trying em & rem units instead of pixels and ran into an annoying problem. Ny nav menu is not vertically aligned with the logo even though both are contained in a flex div which has centered align property. Please check screenshot

I tried debug it alot but still unable to find the root cause of this problem. Can anyone help me find it please?

Here’s read only link :

Live link : Home

Hi @nkatla if I understand correctly your issue is that logo is slightly higher. If this is correct the reason is image it self as it is not centred. In screenshot below is you logo and you can clearly see that logo is not centred on artborad. So next time when you export image you should be more careful. :slight_smile:

@Stan Hi Stan! Thanks for pointing that out, I made the corrections but the menu is still not vertically centered. Even in the previous logo with more white space in the bottom the menu should have been displayed a little lower because of the extra space but its aligned towards top. Not sure what is happening.

Hi @nkatla I really do not understand what you mean as your wrapper take height of you logo (37px)
and when I add border I see this.

and it looks centred to me.