Nav Menu is mobile not dropping down

Hello everyone,

I can’t seem to crack this code! I definitely may have done something wrong but my dropdown menu isn’t working in preview for tablet and mobile screens. Could anyone take a look at it for me? I would greatly appreciate it!

You can find my read-only link at the bottom of this message!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Took a look at this and it is really throwing me. Have you tried rebuilding the Navigation from scratch to see if the issue is replicated?


This is definitely a strange one! The fact that it’s not even showing when you click on Show/Hide in Navbar settings is definitely an indication that something has gone wrong somewhere.

Looking at the Navbar in the Navigator shows that the Nav Menu is set to Display: none on the Mobile breakpoint. When I open a test project and drag in the Navbar element, Nav Menu never indicates as Display: none in the Navigator on Mobile - even when the Hamburger menu is not pressed.

Your Navbar:

&& Here’s a test project with a fresh Navbar with the breakpoint set to Mobile:

The Navbar/Hamburger menu should function properly without having to change the display to None, so I have a feeling that this may be the issue.

As Annalisa said above, I’d probably try recreating it from scratch to see if it fixes it! :blush:

Keep us posted (and really nice site btw!):pray::pray::pray:

When I was rebuilding it, it definitely was working. I’ll take another go at it!

Yes, it’s really strange, I tried to check everything I knew to check on this. It definitely looks like it needs to be rebuit! Thanks a lot!!

It looks like the Nav bar is up and running. I would love any feedback so far!

Glad to see the Navbar is all functioning :raised_hands:

I reckon it all looks great! The design is clean and straight to the point - and the half BG section is a really nice touch.

You’ve got a really nice document flow on your blog posts as well. The spacing with the quotes + images is perfect. Makes it really natural + smooth to read :butter::butter::butter:


This makes me super happy! I am glad you like it. I really hope I can continue to keep this blog simple, but add small elements that don’t take away from its simplicity.

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