Nav menu button only opens the menu once on mobile

So my nav menu button isn’t working properly on the mobile view. It will let me click it to open once and any time after that viewing from my phone or other phones it will not let you open it again. Any ideas?

please i need help

Hey @Mayowa_Odukoya, I’m not seeing noticing anything in your project at first glance that would cause that. Can you share the published link so that I can test that?

thank u sir

@Mayowa_Odukoya the published should look something like this will allow me to send the link to my phone and test there. Thanks in advance.

something like this right

even the slider animation is not working properly on a real device like my phone

@Mayowa_Odukoya Thanks for sharing the published link. Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the issues that you’ve described on my phone. In order to continue troubleshooting, it would help me if you can share the following.

  • model of phone
  • browser
  • video of the issue