Nav links to other pages scroll for no reason

Hey all. I’m having this weird issue where my nav bar links and logo bring the user to a random section down the page.

Since it’s navigating to a similar section on both pages, I’m guessing that section has a weird setup. I just have no idea what’s going on though…Also this only happens with the live link, not the read-only link for some reason.

FYI, only the home (logo) and “Workshops” link are active.

Live Link

hi @wonkee my suggestion it that this happened because you have activated autofocus in forms. Once you deactivate autofocus logo link will work as expected. On forum is a several requests with solutions for identical issue. :wink:

Hope this will help you solve your request.


Thank you @Stan! Did a couple of searches but maybe I should have looked a bit harder before posting. Appreciate the quick response!

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