Nav links to nav dropdowns?

Is there an easy way to turn the nav links into dropdown items or do you have to start with a dropdown first? How do you adjust the width of the dropdown after removing the carrot? It says it’s on auto width but does not auto resize.


Hi @Luccimia, you can drag nav links into drop-down list containers. You can give the drop-down a class and then setting the width property. If you can share the read-only link to your site, we can take a further look.

Can you give a little more detail, are you trying to move links you have now into a dropdown?

Cheers, Dave

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Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


I’m doing it the way you mentioned - just wondered if there was a different way.


Hi guys.

I just made a dropdown menu. Is there a possible way to make the first link clickable aswell? (I use dropdown with a hover effect, so i just want the dropdown link to link to a page aswell) So its not only the sub links. I just think