Nav Links Not Routing to the Correct Pages


I have come across a problem with my website’s navigation buttons/links not linking to the correct pages that I have set them to. Inside “Link Settings,” I have them all set to “Link to Page” and then the corresponding pages. However, one of them labeled “Graphic”, which the page linked to it is also named “Graphic”, is instead routing to the “Portfolio” page. When I toggle the preview in the designer, it is routing correctly; however, in the live version and on staging, when I publish the update–the “Graphic” navigation button is sending the user to the “Portfolio” page.

Is this likely a Webflow logic problem, and it just needs some time to register the page swap? Or is there something I can do to reset and ensure the nav buttons are all routed to the correct pages?

If someone has experienced this issue before and would be able to provide guidance, let me know! Thank you in advance.

Read-only link:

I created a Loom video to showcase the issue visually: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Hi Jordan, what’s your readonly designer and published site link?
Check your redirects also.

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Read-only link:
Live site:

On the live site, clicking graphic in the bottom-left menu takes me here-