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Nav links not displaying on mobile

Hi there. I’m new to Webflow and am running into an issue with a mobile nav bar.

Essentially I have 2 nav menu’s in my bar (one left and the other right aligned). On desktop and tablet this works great. However when the hamburger/menu icon is displayed on mobile the left nav menu items are not displayed (screen shot below).




Am I missing something obvious here? I tried to adjust the height of the nav bar on mobile but this doesn’t fix anything. Thanks for any help!

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Hi @stephenmeszaros,

I’d be happy to help. :blush:

Could you provide your Webflow share link so I can take a look:

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@micahryanhtml great, thank you so much! Here is a read-only link:

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Hi @stephenmeszaros,

You would need to remove one of the Navbar Menus, and consolidate the links into one so that the user can use one mobile menu to access all of the links.
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You can view some of the steps that I took in the following video:

Hopefully this helps :blush:

Thanks so much @micahryanhtml!! That solved my problem, I suppose the rule here is that you can only have one Navbar Menu in a Navbar.

Cheers :smile:

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Nice! Glad it worked for you :blush:

Yup, that’s it @stephenmeszaros

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