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Nav links dont work in responsive tablet and below modes

but work fine in desktop modes.

Hi @john2, thanks for the bug report. I will go check this out and see if I can find out what’s going on with this. This is now in bug status until this is resolved. Thank you for your patience. Cheers, Dave

Thanks DAVE,

Any word on whats my bug fix yet?


Hi @john2, thanks for the update, we are still investigating. We have narrowed down the technical issue and have it in our bug tracker right now. I really appreciate your patience, sorry to have to make you wait while we are looking at this. As soon as I have information to report, I will let you know. Cheers, Dave

Sorry to be a pain but I promised a proof to my client and his whole nav thing has put me in the shithouse making me go against my word.

Please give me an ETA if possible.

Thank you

Hi @john2, thanks for your update. The bug is not yet fixed and there is not an ETA yet for this. At the moment this bug only affects view in the designer mode. If you publish the site, the links will work properly. I am sorry for the trouble, we are working to get this fixed as quickly as we can. I will post an update when the issue is resolved. Cheers, Dave

i always get the webflow error page 404 in tablet view on menue links. In the export files it works.

Thank you for your help. You really seem to know whats going on. I do have another issue though that has been moved to a bug ticket and its been a couple of days since submission and pinged them again yesterday:

My nav bar from tablet down shows the error 404 page not found on all its links however it works fine on the desktop site?

Should I just rebuild it?

Hi, A 404 in the designer is not something that should happen, at all. It’s not supposed to be possible. Hence my inability to help you there.

@cyberdave how can this happen?

For instance, I don’t reproduce this bug:

Hi @john2, added you to this bug post. So sorry for the trouble with the links, I can understand how frustrating it is. We are having an issue with links in mobile that exist inside of Symbols. The published site links should work. The bug is being worked on with high priority. As soon as there is info, I will inform :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave