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We have had this site built for us, and are now trying to change the booking link, in the designer all the links are correct and send the user to the correct external site with the exception of the NAV bar Book Here button.

I have tried multiple times, tested in incognito and the closest I have gotten is re creating the button (this did mess up spacing and mobile responsiveness) but it did not effect or change all pages (even when done in the Global Container…well I think I did)

I am fairly new to Webflow, so I hope this isn’t something simple I have over looked

Where should I be doing this?

Here is my site Read-Only:(Webflow - Mercer Motel)

Hi Paul, you didn’t say what the correct link is or where you’re trying to send customers,
so I’ve no idea what to check for you.

However I do note that you have two navbars, apparently for a light / dark mode.
They have two buttons and two links;

Light mode link is-

And appears to work fine despite the weird trailing .
However your dark mode one does not-

I probably would have designed those a bit differently to leverage Webflow’s new component features so that you cannot accidentally have two different links there. But should work if you change that link.

Hi Memetican,

Thanks for that. The top link you posted is the correct link. Sorry for the lack of info.

That might be my issue, What would your suggestion be if I was to attempt to redesign it in a Designer friendly way?

I does only seem to let me change the light mode link not the Dark mode one.

Sorry I am fairly new to Webflow and how it functions, I did read through the forums to try and solve this myself

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your informative and clear video, I really really appreciate it, the problem is solved and I can carry on with other things!

You are a life saver!

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