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Nav link linked with section problem

This problem just occurred
i keep getting this error message ( Nav link cannot be placed out of its nav menu ) whenever i drag drop my nav symbol on a new page
please if anyone can help please do

It looks like you made the symbol out of what’s INSIDE of the navbar, not from the navbar element itself. Can you unlink your symbol and make it again but this time making suure the elment selected is the NAVBAR element?

This makes sense a lot. Thanks @vincent i’ll try it out.

didn’t solve the problem, even the navbar symbol that came with the template is giving me the same error message

Don’t move the nav link out of the navbar.

its right inside. didn’t move the navlinks out.

Can you make a little video with the problem?

This is a known bug and the WF team is working on it:

@clinton @vincent @Moshfequr9 @donaldsv this issue appears to be resolved in the related post @donaldsv shared earlier. Sorry for the inconvenience! Please let us know if you have any more problems.



Thanks @andrewdelprete

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