Nav Link breaks on page other than home

My website has 3 pages (Home, Works, Blog) and the Navbar has 5 links (Home, Skills, Work, Blog, Contact). The Skills link points to an anchor on my home page. Whenever I am on the Blog or Work page, clicking the Skills Nav Link does nothing. Please help.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Leo's PMM Website

You need to add a new Link property to the Skills navigation item. To do that you need to edit the Component and click on Skills, then go to the settings tab and click the purple circle next to Link. This will allow you to set the Skills link to different options on each page.

Once you have it set up you can go to the Blog and Work page and change the link to be a URL, and then you just need to link it to your homepage anchor. So you would need to do /home#skills in the URL input field.

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Wow! Thanks so much Caitlin - that did it.