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Nav link becoming "Current" too early

Hi there -

Hoping someone can help w/ this as I’m stuck.

In my Fixed Nav Bar the section is becoming highlighted as current way to early. See screenshon. About is highlighted Red and we’re not even at that section yet.

Can’t figure out why that’s the case. Here’s the site -


How did you get the highlight like that when you go to a selection? I like this man awesome work.

1.) Add a Nav 2.) Under setting Link a Nav Link to a particular section 3.) Now that section will be given a “Current” class when displayed. You can add style to this current class.

As described my problem is that the class of current is being assigned prematurely in the scroll.

Gotcha. Did you link it to the section container or div element container that lives inside a section?

Section container. You can actually explore my exact design with the link I copied in above.


I have tried to edit the section height of your project and everything I know. I am curious to see how to fix this as well. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


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