Nav link active state colour

Hi Guys, I’ve noticed that when a link in the nav bar is active (user has clicked and landed on the link’s destination page) the link turns to blue. I can’t find where to style the colour, can someone let me know?


When you select a “active nav link” (it gets labeled as “current”), just give it another font color!


Why I don’t have this option? I did some customization on my navbar made it in black bg. but I can’t change the anchor text link in the nav (default blue color), I already changed it to light gray, the “blue” color still there? And by the way, I don’t have that “Settings” option on that screenshot(upper right corner).

I’m new and I’m deciding on subscribing on as a pro user later on but I must grasp the functionalities first. But now this is what I’m troubled with.

It’s important to scroll to any section that your link is going to and then - when the menu item turns blue - select it and change color. Once you select the blue-ish menu item you should see the current state next to the class name.

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That “fix” worked for me. Sucks they don’t give you the “active” state CSS to change like the others.

The easiest way for me to style the “current” link state is to simply point the link to the site it exists on.
Example: if I am editing link on page “contact” simply go to the links settings and point it to page “contact”. It will turn blue. Now you can style it and then change the link back to point where it needs to.

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Perfect solution, Cyprian — thank you!