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Nav in mobile export is different than webflow

My layout in webflow is different from the export showing on my mobile site.

Here the webflow layout:

Here’s the mobile site:

I cannot figure out why the brand logo is not centered and has the correct spacing on the mobile site.

Here is my public share link:

Hey @Durojaiyes

You need to center the logo by set both right and left margins to auto

@AlexManyeki Thank you. That fixed it.

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Hi @Durojaiyes
Also notice that on the right side of each layout starting from Tablet there is a little handle in the middle of the edge, you can pull it let or right depending on the breakpoint and see how it works in different breakpoints that will be shown at the bottom for different devices. You can’t set custom parameters for each of those breakpoints, only for four layouts that you select at the top, but at least you can see how it looks on each device.

Here is a little video showing that Don’t really bother for any breakpoints below 320px, only very old devices are supporting that.

Hope this helps.

Hi @radmitry

I think you might have replied to the wrong person. I am sure the info will be helpful to them nonetheless. :+1:

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oops, sorry Alex… :smiley:

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