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I have used the below template for our site and to save time on starting from scratch, however. We have having problems with our navigation.

Please could someone point me in the right direction regarding responsive navigation?

Our mobile devices menu is fine and works great, but in our desktop its off. So i created div blocks for each section and pointed to them for example:

Div block (about us) when clicked on desktop menu points to that divblock (about us) but then this throws the mobile devices out.

Can anyone shed some light on this please as I am new to using webflow.

site in queston:

Thanks in advance!


Sure thing, can you please post your read-only link, I can take a look for ya. The site actually looks fabulous, I can’t see what’s wrong.


Thanks! this is the read only link:


Hi Garry,

The soft scroll is not flowing to the correct sections on the desktop. on mobile all sections scroll perfectly.

any ideas?

From the sidebar nav links, they’re pointed to the wrong sections. I changed Work link to “our-work” and it scrolled correctly to that spot:

The other sections are not present on the homepage, so it looks like the names of the sections have been duplicated, try to clean those section names up.

Thanks for your help Gary!