Nav Icon Opens with lots of Overflow Space

I’m attaching a video link to show the issue:

Basically, in ipad and phone view, my nav icon opens to display tabs, but there’s like three web pages worth of space below the links that I can’t make go away! I’d so appreciate any help you can offer in terms of fixing this issue.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Simpler Site

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Hi Sarah,

A few things that might help-

When things go sideways with Webflow’s nav design, generally it’s easier to just rebuild these menus so that Webflow’s original nav arrangement is restored. The nav is a bit of a fragile component overall, particularly with the way its responsive layout works.

For your footer, I’d probably avoid using a nav there as it will likely avoid some variations to make your mobile hamburger menu work properly. You’d need a different variant which positions the pop-up differently, and that will require new classes ( at a minimum ) and possibly custom CSS/JS.

If you look at Webflow’s libraries feature, you’ll find some nice footers you can just drop in that will likely work better for you here. Relume’s component library and many others are good resources as well.

Hi Michael,
Thanks very much for your time and help.
I’ll definitely check out the Webflow/Relume libraries as a resource.
Have the best day and happy designing to you,