Nav header not directing to right page

hi all,

got a strange problem with the NAV bar header item.
bear with me:

we had an ABOUT US header and a JOIN US header
we changed ABOUT US to MISSION.
then changed JOIN US to ABOUT US.
we added a drop down item to the new ABOUT US called NEWS and linked it to an existing page.

(so essentially ABOUT US moved to replace JOIN US in title only, not content/page items)

in PREVIEW when you click ABOUT US it goes to the correct page…and when you click NEWS it goes to the linked page.
when it’ spushed LIVE, everything in ABOUT US points to MISSION (the original About Us page). BUT NEWS still works.


does this sound like we’ve missed something in the renaming?

i’m sensing that because ABOUT US header changed pages in the NAV, and something is pointing to where it orignally was.

one more thing: no matter what i call the NEW ABOUT US page (i tried WHO WE ARE just so there are no other ABOUT USs on the site)-- again, in preview it works, when it’s live, it points to MISSION (the original About Us)

make sense??


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