Nav dropdown behind hero image in some pages

I try to build a church website by adapting the the “Crossroads” template. But I’ve managed to create a navbar menu dropdown error which I’ve not been able to solve. On some pages my two dropdowns disappear behind the hero image. Example of pages from which this happens: Videoer. Dåpen. Om Horten metodistkirke. Forbønn. Bidra. Prosjekter.
On my home page, the dropdown behave as they should, in front of hero image.

Navbar wrapper is set to 1000 in z-index (relative to Body). All other elements are set to auto (as far as I can see and understand by now). Everything works as it should in the Crossroads template.

I would appreciate help with this.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Metodistkirken i Horten
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[2]: Share a read-only link | Webflow University

Hi @Kirke-Kom, thanks for your post, I took a look and the menu is opening over the image on the videoer page on my side.

What browser are you using?

Thanks in advance

To check now, I opened the link in Opera, Vivaldi, MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Brave on my Win 10 PC. Everyone got the Dropdown behind.

Can my computer system have become messed up in some way? Developing my site with new elements, I can’t say exactly when in the process this problem first arised. I first detected it on my wife’s pc using the redirect address, which someone made for me.

Also checked my dropdown hamburger menu in a narrow window on my pc (using browser Maxthon, a Google Chrome kind of browser, also with the before mentioned problem). The hamburger dropdown covers, as it should.