Nav "Current" class even when it's not on current page

Hi there,
I’ve been searching the Blog and trying to solve this on my end, but cannot.

Site: Webflow - simoparaschi

What I want to achieve: In the Navigation component >> I have nav-link items → Work, About and Writing. I want to have different font-colours for the nav-link items, depending on wether you’re on this page currently or not.

My problem is that if I navigate to any page that isn’t he homepage, I have 2 items with the “Current” class. For example, in About >> I have both Work and About with “Current” set automatically and I cannot get rid of this class for the Work item, even though it is pointing to the Homepage - so, a different page than the one I am currently in.

Can anyone please help me to get rid of this “Current” class?

Hi, were you able to fix this problem? I’m having the same issue with my site