Nav change colour depending on slide underneath

Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I would like to have a top nav change to either light or dark, depending on the image underneath which is in a slider. So, if the slide image is dark, the nav would change to white. If the slide image is light, the nav would change to dark.


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Typically the nav and the slider won’t be nested within each other, which can make it difficult to use CSS selectors here. I’d go with a JS approach.

Let’s say your default display is “light” mode nav.
Create your light mode nav, and then create a variation of it where every relevant element has a subclass of is-dark, and style that variant accordingly.

Similarly, give your dark slides a subclass of e.g. is-dark to identify them.

Use SA5’s slider to easily get the slide changed events, no matter whether it’s user-changed or auto-changed.

Then in the slideChanged event, you’d just check the current slide’s class list for is-dark, and update your relevant nav elements accordingly by adding/removing that is-dark subclass.

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Thank you so much! I’ll give it a try.

Hi Michael,

Thanks again for your suggestions. I used the sygnal slider element and I got some of it to work. Currently the console is showing the slides are changing. My issue now is I’m not sure how to identify a dark or light slide, and then how do I communicate that to the nav.

My thought is, since I’m also using Waypoint.js for my nav colour change, I wonder if I can use some of that code to change the nav to light or dark.

For example, I would like to re-use this code:
if (direction == ‘down’ ) {

But instead of “direction down”, I would need something else, like if “” then do the thing.

I’m not sure where to put the .is-dark or .is-light class. I tried adding it to the slide element.

Any help is appreciated.


Here is a link to read-only:

Another issue I just thought of, once this is working, my nav will probably change colours even when the slider is out of the viewport, which is not what I want. I will need to think about this.