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Nav Bar won't return to origin on scroll

Hello, my nav bar won’t open up like this video shows. I’ve done this before yet on other sites, and it has always been pretty straight forward. However, I’m having some trouble with it on my current site that I’m working on now.

Here is a link to a screencast where I walk you through what I’ve done thusfar:
Here is a link to show what happens when I go to preview mode:

In these recordings, you’ll see that I’ve set my nav bar to the correct settings for it to move to origin when the background is out of view. However, it doesn’t happen - it stays out of view. Also, you can see when I scroll up quicker than the 500ms ease, the header is working as it should to disappear when the background is scrolled into view.

Any ideas? I’m wondering if it has to do with how i’ve nested elements. the nav bar is nested within the background - does that matter?


Here is my public share link:

Can you please share your public share link with us. Thanks! :wink::blush::+1:

Hi Vladimir,

Here’s my public link:

Please navigate to the V2 home page (see:


Hi Vlad - Were you able to take a look at my public link?

Your screencast links aren’t working.

As for your page, I can’t find a nav bar in your elements at all, and I am looking at V2 > Home.

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