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Nav Bar won't fix

Hello Webflow,

I am trying to get my nav bar to be fixed on top, and I think I new how to do it… But it seems not.
Can someone check my public link to see if there is a conflict somewhere on my home page?
Because I tried doing it on another fresh new page and it worked…

Web Site


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Okidoki

On your homepage there are a lot of other items in the navbar compared to your Essai Nav page for example. It looks like the navbar is fixed to top but you maybe need to move those other items out or work on their spacing if they actually need to be in the nav?

Hope that helps


Hello StuM,

Thanks for entering the discussion, I cleaned the Nav bar of the Home page,
and just re-tried it with the default Nav Bar symbol, and it still does not work.

But I found the solution…

The issue was caused by the Body.
I renamed the body class into my own.
That’s where the problem originated from…
Removing my body class cleared it.

Now some question to more advance user:

Is this a bug from webflow?
Or one should never rename the Body?


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