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Nav bar won't allow social icons!

Hi I need help asap please!!! I’ve got some bug in my site that won’t allow me to add social icons to nav bar without drooping down a line? I had them in before and they were fine then I logged in to do more work and they’re corrupt!

ANY help would be really appreciated as client is waiting for me to finish this today!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hello @dzgraphicdesign,
Could you be more specific? Where this icons supposed to be and what way you tried to add them?

I just now tried to add one icon to the navbar on your site and it works fine.

This triggered a thought @sabanna, and I think the answer will help dzgraphicdesign…Did you create that facebook icon manually or is there something within webflow that automatically creates icons like this?

It is link-block with the png image from his assets on the background

Hi thanks for your prompt replies. I don’t know if it’s my Google Chrome but I’ve just done it and the only way I could was to duplicate ‘contact’, make it transparent then add in image.
I’ve never had issues with this before as currently have 8 sites on the go!

Got it! Awesome. :smile:


Try to check backups, maybe you will find out what moment this icons disappeared.

Anyway, glad you worked it out :wink:


It only dropped to next line when I cleared text from nav link then clicked to add an image?

It was all working fine a few days ago then when I logged in to make some amends the icons had dropped. It’s totally mysterious. :smirk:

Anyway thanks @sabanna for your help : )

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