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Nav bar to move and stick to the top of the page

Hi, I have looked at a few topics but can’t find what I am looking for.

I have a top centered logo with a navbar under it. All in the nav section.

On scroll I want the nav bar to move to the top of the page (logo to disappear), for it to get a semi transparent background and to stick at the top

I cant figure out how to do it in the designer though.

can you help?

Hey @JonathanHarrison,

Check out this video tutorial

All the best,

Perfect thank you, exactly what I wanted.

I have been finding it hard to locate the correct videos that I need.

Any tips on finding videos? as I have not been having much luck.

Glad to hear that :smiley:

Definitely must bookmark this link - Everything you need to know about Webflow.

All the best :+1: