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Nav Bar - Re-arrange navbar items


I’d like to setup my navbar so the links are right aligned, then logo, then social links, how do I change the standard navbar or create my own?

Hello, @OnkelK

You definitely can change the Webflow standard navbar. If you could show some examples or screenshot of what exactly result you want to get, we could help you with more detailed steps.


I never heard back from you?

Hello @OnkelK, this is definitely possible is Webflow. Be sure to try it out and show your results. :wink:

Also, if you would like to get someone’s attention be sure to press @ first, and then select the person’s name as to get their attention.

Hope this helps. :sunglasses:

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Hello, @OnkelK.

My apology for the delay, lost a track of tasks :confounded:.

Here is video - example of custom changed navbar.

Notice, that I removed original nav-links and used text links instead. It because standard nav-links can’t be moved to any other object except nav menu, so it would be impossible to wrap them with the div.



Perfect! Thank you :slight_smile:

Is it possible to create a form with a select field with, lets say 3 options, business, sponsors, bugs, and then depending on the choice, the receiver mail in our end can change?

So if a users chooses business, the mail form will go to, if the user goes for bugs the mail will be sent to etc.?

Didn’t get that it was a forum, thought it was email support :confounded:
Thanks though :raised_hands:

Hi, @OnkelK.

It is possible, but with using another app calling Zapier.


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