Nav Bar Problem: Full Screen Menu Unresponsive

Hi there!

Having created a custom nav bar, hamburger + interaction and menu popup, the central section of the menu becomes unresponsive once open. Only the area below the central nav bar space is unresponsive.

I have no idea why this is happening since the hover animations work perfectly in the design screen ad the nav bar or its container isn’t covering any of the menu.

I would love another pair of eyes on this - thanks everyone!


Here is my site Read-Only:

Anyone? This is really quite urgent as the delivery is for the end of the day! @samliew is there anything you can think of?

Hi @tjthomsonjones

I think part of your custom nav setup may be using my cloneable hamburger/fullscreen menu, so wanted to reach out and see if I can help! (Awesome to see it evolved if so!)

I’m guessing there could be some z-indexing or link block issues, but just to check is there any custom code added?

Hey Dude,

Sure am! Works beautifully and links to the pop up nicely but seems the exact spacial width of the navbar is unresponsive on the popup. I would understand there would be a z index issue over the navbar, but it is in an area where the nav bar doesn’t cover - weird!

Let me know if you uncover any mysteries!

Thanks for taking a look

Get rid of the default Webflow Navbar component. It was causing an issue because your trigger nav btn was inside the default mobile menu btn.

Build a custom top bar with your branding and the trigger btn.

View this gif for example:


Thanks for that Phillipe thats sorted the problem!!

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Boom - thanks for stepping in @philippe :grinning:

Slaying those deadline day issues like: