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Nav-Bar only sticks to the first section

HI guys. I am designing a website for my business. I designed this UI in Adobe XD. The problem i am having is that the nav bar sticks to the first section only. You can checkout my website using the link below. Kindly suggest me some edits. Thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hello @mouizhaxan

For me the navigation stick till the end of the page. Can you explain your problem and desired result better?

Thanks! :webflow_heart:

Yeah i fixed it but when the website is on home section the home button doesnt show active state

Your home button section is set to header, not the hero section. Set the hero link to link to Hero-Section


Thanks. I tried it but then it only scrolls to the top of hero section and the header image is not displayed.

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You can do something else which is more of design decision. This is the home page so on the home page you don’t need a home link in the navigation.

I will suggest removing it from the home page and using only on the other pages from where you will just link to the home page.

Tell me what you think about this :webflow_heart:

One more issue i am having is that when i open the preview link on my phone the services section seems out of place. But it doesnt happen on pc.