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Nav bar on pages I make


I would like to see if an experienced Webflow user would be willing to help me out. I would like my nav bar to be replicated onto all my pages.

When I make a nav bar it does not look as nice as the bar in the template.

Any insight would be appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @Skootnasty

Welcome to Webflow and the Webflow Forum.

Can you describe further what you want to achieve?

I notice in your project that you have tried to create a separate Navbar on the Homepage. However, you have given it the same class name (Navigation) as the original Navbar that was created within the Template. This will cause your new ‘Navbar’ to inherit the same styling properties as the template ‘Navigation’.

Notice also that the Navigation in the template has been created as a ‘Symbol’. This allows you to create once and use multiple times, ensuring consistency across all pages that it is being used.

Your home page navigation looks different because of the 2nd element that was created and has the same class name. This element is only on the Home page and therefore will not show on any of the other pages.

Hope that makes sense for you.

Let us know what your desired outcome is for Navbar, so we can assist further.


Thank you very much knk!

The symbol info was exactly what I needed.

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Hi @Skootnasty,

You’re welcome.

Glad I could help.