Nav bar not working on CMS Collection Page

Hi Guys,

Since setting up my custom page animations, my nav links in my nav bar (which is a symbol) are not working when clicked from the CMS Collection Pages.

The nav bar works as intended on every other page, but I get a 404 when using the nav bar from the CMS page now.

For example, when I click to go through to “Our playlist” from a CMS collection page, rather than getting the URL, I am getting - so it is adding in “our-stories” which is the slug from the collection page.

Does anyone know why this is happening or how I can fix it? Link to project below…

Thanks so much,


This is because you’ve used a JS link. Is there any particular reason you haven’t used a ‘page’ link?

Yeah it’s because I needed that JS link to create the delay for the page load animation :confused:

Ohh, I see! It’s a difficult one. I could suggest putting the whole URL in the JS? I’m not sure if that work work though.