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Nav bar not showing when published

Does anybody knows why my navbar not showing on tablet and mobile when published. Its okay when I preview

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Lulo - infrapuna matt

Hi @ove_leheste, thanks for your post.

It would help to take a look at the menu on the published site, do you have a link to published page where the menu is not showing on mobile?

Note: In the designer the mobile navbar appears to be showing on my end.

Thanks in advance

thanks for reply.

In the designer the mobile navbar also appears to me. But on published page it doesn’t show.

I need to add that I got separate navbars for desktop and mobile

@cyberdave help needed lol

Hi @ove_leheste, on the published site, it looks like there is some negative margin affecting the rendering on tablet and lower viewport, I would remove this -4px negative margin:

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The problem also might be related to having overflow hidden set on the nav_component-p class from the designer:

I would first try removing the top -4 margin from the logo. wrapper, then republish and if the issue persists, try removing the overflow hidden from the nav_component-p class.

I hope this helps!

thanks, removing the negative margin worked!

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