Nav Bar Mobile Homepage does not stick to top


On mobile site, all nav bars are correctly displayed except at the homepage.

Nav bar is uniform and created by symbol.
But this one at homepage behaves differently.
It would slide up instead of being fixed.
It should be fixed.

Please view screenshot.

Here is my site Read-Only: [ ]

Hi @wini,

Can you share the published site?

Dear @avivtech,

Published site is

Happens to mobile Chrome and Firefox also is not completely fixed to top.

The affects only homepage.

Thanks & Regards,


The navbar is moved up with probably an interaction.
Maybe those page load interactions you have on your homepage?

Dear @avivtech,

Thanks for looking into it.

Other page has interactions like this one at The nav bar works fixed somehow at this point.

The homepage does not contain interactions, except the hamburger menu itself.



Only your homepage have these 2 interactions:

Thank you @avivtech, the homepage interactions are for an effect - hero image dissolving to white and reappears.

I later removed the interactions then export code to server and test it all over. The mobile nav bar on homepage is not affected. It is still not completely fixed like other pages do. So I rolled back to previous version where the interactions’re there.

An hour later, i find an ipad to browse the homepage. The nav bar acts 100% fixed. This does not cause a problem on ios.