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Nav Bar Menu 100vh creates empty space

Hi there,

I’m trying to have my Nav Bar Menu to be 100% of my screen height, however, when I check the “menu fills page height” box nothing happens.


  • If I use 100% height, the menu won’t fill the screen (with the option checked)
  • If I use 100vh then there’s empty space at the bottom of the page.

*I want my nav bar to go black (same as the top one) when menu is open but can’t make it work, I’ve tried using the display none with the same trigger as the opening of the menu but nothing…

I think it should be easy but can’t get it right…


Link here:

Just checking to see if you fixed the issue?

Hey @garymichael1313,

I actually opted for not using the default Nav and created one from scratch, but I encountered new problems xD

  1. I have the interactions to open/close etc so I can’t save it as a symbol
  2. I have some weird scroll on mobile/tablet behind the menu that I can’t fix