Nav bar looks different on home page

Hi everyone,

I have a navigation menu that I want it to look the same on all pages.
However, the size changes when it is on the home page.

Try clicking “About” and “Home”, you will see that the size changes.

Here is my site Read-Only: []

Try this.

On the About page.
Edit the symbol “last”
Select “Navbar 8”
put “Link Block 2”, “Nav Menu 5” and “Menu Button 5” directly under “Navbar 8”.
Delete “Container 54”

With “Navbar 8” still selected
set max width to whatever you like. My example is 1366px.
Set “margin left” and “margin right” to auto.
Save the updated symbol.

On the home page
Put symbol “last” directly under Body 2
Delete the container it was in