Nav Bar logo not aligning in desktop view

Hello there,
I am struggling with the menu logo image.
While it is perfectly aligned on tablet and mobile everytime I preview the desktop view it goes on the right. I am struggling to understand how to solve this because the container that contains the image is the same size (80vw) as other blocks on the page which are perfectly aligned.

Thanks so much for anybody taking the time to solve this!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - CDS

hi @Fdrc when you use WF container you should be aware that has predefined max-width: 960px .To solve your issue you can set width your self to overwrite this initial value or use standard div element as it doesn’t have predefined any values. The issue with WF container max-width is solved on forum many times.

Thank you @Stan, that solved my problem, I was only changing width and not max-width.

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