Nav Bar Links issue


I’ve created a Navbar that links to different sections on my home page, the go like: etc…

I have made a symbol out of it and tried to reuse it on other pages, and it gives me bad links:

If I use the full link for the Nav button, when on homepage it reloads the page instead of scrolling to the correct section elegantly.

what Can I do?
Do I need to Create Two seperate Navbars? one for the home page and another to link to the homepage from other pages?

here is the live site:
if you can go to /podcast page and try to return to anywhere on the homepage, you’ll see It doesnt work… isn’t a link that resolves. So or can’t possibly resolve either.

thats exactly correct, Vincent.

I need the about button to take me to the #About section when I’m on the homepage, and take me to when i’m on the podcast page (or any other page that’s not the homepage)

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