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Nav bar issue when blog is on home page

OK, my website has the blog post section on the firtst page. Created in CMS, of course. My navbar has been made into an element. When I am on the home page it scrolls as it should when on other pages it doesn’t because the Section Element is not on the page. I added the section element then linked the “blog” in the nav to the newly created section. Of course, the “blog” link on the home page now does not work. Will I need seperate nav bars for each page?
Thank you

Hi @rjbiccum,

Do you maybe have a read-only link to share ?
Might be easier for some of us who would like to have a look at your issue :slight_smile:


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Wow, yeah, and I have been away with the Flu, apologies for not replying sooner

Thank you for your help