Nav bar interactions not saving to component

Hi all,

I’m new to Webflow, this is my first post here.

I have really tried to find an answer for this online but alas no luck. It seems so simple and i am likely missing something obvious to experienced users.

I have a nav bar that i have created a page scroll interaction trigger so it appears/disappears when i scroll up/down, however when i save it as a component to use across all other pages, the interaction settings are lost on the new page i copy it to. Sometimes the settings are even replaced by other settings that are very old, as if there are some hidden ‘master settings’ on the nav bar i cannot seem to find and remove. That or it seems the interaction settings i create are linked to the single page i make them on, rather than the component i want to use site wide.

Any help to work out would be much appreciated!

Many thanks

Animations with a Page trigger have to be set on each page manually unfortunately.

Hi and thank you for the reply. Surely this is not the case? Something as simple as the nav bar disappearing and reappearing? I thought i was doing something wrong…

The page triggers need to be applied on each page manually, that’s just how page triggers work currently. It is entirely possible to make the nav bar disappear and reappear, it’s just going to take a bit of extra effort to apply the page triggers to each page.