Nav bar blocking page


I am having a problem where the nav bar is blocking the page and I cannot click on the product images on the 3rd page where the products are displayed. I can only click the products when I open and close the Nav Bar.

Could anyone please advise how I can eliminate this from happening?


Has anyone got any advise on this one?
It will be much appreciated.
Many thanks

Hi @jacksaben1704
As I saw the website of yours, I can not find the navbar on your site. Am I missing something?
and there is only 2 pages in your site. I wonder where is the 3rd page that you mention?

like @yuan said. Its hard to know what is the problem (On mobile? Deskop?).
Please add screenshot

Hello, and thank you for looking into this. I’ve had to delete all that section as I didn’t get a reply and I am working on a deadline. So now trying to work something else.
Many thanks.

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Next time add screenshots + more specific detials - and you get answer faster.