Nav Bar and Background Video

Hey guys, I’m playing around with background videos on a website that I am working on. But i am having issues with the nav bar. The end state that I am looking at right now, but cant achieve, is

  1. A transparent nav bar that sticks to top when scrolling through the hero section
  2. AND also change in bg and typography colours upon reaching the next section, while still sticking.

Is it possible? If it is, what direction should i go towards learning to make it possible, should i learn animations/interactions or can it be done without animations and interactions? I would appreciate any help!! Thanks so reading

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Travis's Blank Site
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Hi @travistgr , You can find tons of tutorials on this on Youtube, just search “Navbar background change” or “Navbar animations” or so. Here is one video that explains exactly what you want to do very simply.

Thanks so much @_Adry for sharing this insightful video it is working as intended right now! Appreciate it!

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