Nav bar and background not showing on all devices/browser

Good morning,
We don’t understand why on the page menu and background image is not display on all devices/browsers. Could you help us?

Thank you,
Alessandro De Chirico

Not entirely sure of the problem here and what’s causing it but it looks like you have those elements possibly set to fade in using an interaction which is set to some sort of scroll option. When I went to the page they didn’t show up immediately but if I scrolled down the page and then back up again they faded in. Also pulling the page down after initially loading they faded in too.

Perhaps check to see that you don’t have a fade interaction of some sort set to that element?

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Hi Mark!
thanks to your suggestions! I think I’ve solved it!

Have a good day,

Hi Alessandro,

Excellent news! Glad you’ve got it all sorted now.

Best wishes,


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