Native linking to previous and next post or page using CMS

Edit: This topic rebounds here (04/2018): Native linking to previous and next post with titles using CMS

This is brilliant, thanks. And without any custom code!

If you put links to next and previous. Use a relative path like /albums/pallets-and-knives.
Otherwise, once you publish live this will redirect to the web flow domain.

Hi @hammerhouse I followed the steps and tried implementing this code as-is but my previous & next buttons don’t appear to show up? I’m using normal buttons with class name “group” as in your screenshots and applied the previous_button/next_button id’s. Let me know if there’s something I’m missing or if this script has changed at all? Thanks!

No need to setup and fiddle with a collection list with my new method. Just design the links.

Great idea. Way to work the problem with references. This creates some additional ideas for me!

Hi, I just tried this as well and I had the same experience. It cause my buttons to not show up at all. :frowning:


Thanks a lot for this. But just to confirm, if you have, say, over 100 items (blog posts), this means you’ll need to manually link each post to the previous & next items? Seems like a lot of work.

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