Name Change in the Webflow Community

Hey fellow Webflowers’, I have changed my username to @Waldo from my old username @Waldo_Broodryk :slight_smile: just letting you all know it’s still me haha. There will be many more smiley faces, laughing, “haha’s”, and solutions/suggestions/promptings to help you all make your digital dreams a reality :wink: in the wonderful tool that is Webflow.

Be sure to always search the Need Help Pages/Watch our Tutorials/and Google before asking a question; as many of you may know, we’re often not the first to struggle with a web-related issue and it can be pretty easy to find solutions when we take a few seconds to search. :slight_smile:

But again, the Webflow Staff & Experts are here to help and will get to your questions as quickly as possible. :slight_smile: If you need a new video tutorial, be sure to request one on the forums, and if you have an issue with your account or need help with Webflow features, Contact Webflow Support.

Have an awesome week ahead and go make some awesome stuff!!!


Waldo :slight_smile:


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