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Nabble forum and blog not working on my Webflow page

I am trying to get the Nabble forum and blog to work on my website. Nabble gives me some embed code which I put in an embed element on my site. In the webflow back end I don’t see anything on preview. When I publish to my site I see a link which takes me to the forum.

I believe the forum and blog are supposed to appear embedded on my page and not take me away from my site. I am not sure what to do. Can someone help?



Custom share code

Correct, custom code only works on published site, not in the designer.

It looks okay now?

Did you use the custom share link to fix my forum page? I don’t know how to get to it in my project. how do I see it in my editor?

You CANNOT (see it in the designer/preview mode). You only can view it once it is published.

Could you please do what you did again, or tell me how to do it? I have never saved a contributors edit before so I must have messed it up. The change you made did not stick. I have saved since then but the forum and blog are how they were before. I checked on another computer too.



Share link

Could you please tell me how you got that screenshot? It looks like it worked when you looked at it but when I look at it it does not work.

I got the screenshot from this page you linked

When I look at it there is my menu at the top and then a link in blue text to the forum. Is that what you see? Do you see “jacobanddebbieacro” in blue text?

exactly in the screenshot I posted above

What browser are you using?

Oh, I know what’s the issue now. The custom code is not loading from a HTTPS source, when your site is using HTTPS.

Just change it to https://


I tried changing http to https. So it looks like this. It still does not work. I still dont understand how you could see it working if the code is wrong.

FYI: your server is serving up a different ssl certificate than your host name you linked to. Won’t be trusted by most browsers until you resolve that.

Pardon my ignorance. How do I resolve this? I have been tinkering with my name server trying to get this forum to work.


If I follow your link and add an exception for the SSL certificate mismatch, I am redirected to So your making changes while we are looking to help you. So I can’t. Good luck.

I fixed my dns issues. I have a cname set for the forum so I think I am good to go now. I also changed the nabble custom code from http to https as per samliew’s instructions. I have included a screenshot of my cnames. 30 I think I am on the right track. It is still not working right. The forum is not embedded on my page and when I click on the forum link it says it is not secure.

Here is my share link

I got the forum to embed in my page now. There are still some problems. It says it is not secure, with the https crossed out with a red line in Chrome. It also will not load on my phone. Do you guys know what to do?

I have a forum and a blog both powered by nabble. I think I have everything set up correctly. I think I just need to have someone who has control of the webflow backend to enable https on my blog and forum.

Right now both say they are insecure. Thanks

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