Mystery Icon on text box

Hi everyone,

So I get to see this weird icon in the bottom right corner of text boxes and could not find what it means and why am I seeing it. I’m just dipping my toes in webflow and I would very much appreciate any clarification.

Thank you,



That’s… weird. I don’t believe I’ve ever noticed anything quite like that.

Could you give a read-only link to your project?

There’s really not much of a project, I’ve just added a Headline text inside a div ( Body>Section>Container>Hero Left> Heading ) and that icon just shows up. I’m just going over tutorials but never seen this one before.

The reason to ask for a read-only is also because we may end up confusing terms.

I can look at H1s on all of my projects and I don’t see anything like that. I tried creating text boxes and paragraphs and I can’t make Webflow create that icon. I’ve never seen anything like that on a Webflow element, to be honest with you. Which is why it would be a whole lot easier to just open the project.

There is also the possibility that your browser is doing something, which would be readily apparent if I opened your project and didn’t see any icon.

Hi, I have that same icon and first I didn’t know what it was but it’s from Grammerly :grinning:


I think that was it. Thanks a lot guys!

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