Mystery blocked form submissions

Hi, I have a client who is now unable to receive form Submissions from their site.

I have added my own email and his to the form recipients box, correctly comma separated and he’s checked all of his inbox and spam settings.

I’ve read elsewhere that emails can become blacklisted? And have seen you are able to remove emails from these lists

The email in question is seanlangwade(at)


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It’s usually the other way around, where a sender’s ( not a receiver’s ) email gets blacklisted. If you’re getting the notification emails, but he isn’t, then it sounds like Hotmail may be blocking Webflow’s messages.

He can try whitelisting it, most mail providers have a way to declare that certain domains / emails are legit and should be allowed through.

Alternately, skip Webflow’s forms handler and use Basin or Formspark, a different form submission handler can cut out spam and give you full visibility into what’s been captured ( spam included ). I find that much safer than a black-hole spam rejection approach. This is my client’s business, so I need assurances that sales enquiries are not getting tossed with the spam.

Basin is my preferred approach for these clients.

Try running more tests to narrow it down a bit. For example…

  • Use only one email address, just yours, did it arrive?
  • Next use only their email address (not two), did it arrive?
  • If their’s didn’t arrive, ask them for another email address and test just that single email, did it arrive?

You’ll gain more visibility into the issue if you can narrow your tests down to their simplest cases.

Hope that helps!