Mysterious problem - Menu open works on all pages but Home

Hi! I am working with a template called Blogos, which has an additional hamburger menu on the navbar that opens a full screen list of Blog topics. This is next to the regular menu. On the original template the menu works on every page, but I seem to have broken mine somehow so that now that hamburger menu works on every page BUT the home page. I’ve gone through comparing all of the Home page specific settings I can think of to the template, but can’t discover the reason why. Any detectives out there who can help? Any ideas? Thanks so much for your attention. Totally stumped.

Here is my public share link: LINK Webflow - Nicky Mendenhall Site
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Hi there, hoping this is as simple as it seems -

Seems that the symbol (under symbols panel) for the NAVIGATION MENU isn’t on the homepage at all, where as it is on the other pages.

Essentially the interaction is trying to happen but doesn’t have the element to trigger.

If you drop and drag this symbol on the homepage, should do the trick!

Thank you thank you thank you! Dominic! It was just that simple! Just learning here!

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No worries at all, glad this was sorted!