My wesbite was downgraded and support is not responding

Did anyone go through this with webflow support not responding. I paid my annual fee in April 2023 of $144 and 2 months ago, I upgraded it to Commerce by paying $34. I immediately realized It didn’t have what I was looking for so, I cancelled it but I couldn’t get my money back. so I disputed $34.00. I tried reaching out to customer support but they were non responsive. Since I disputed for $34.00, webflow downgraded my account to basic and is asking me to pay full amount to reactivate my account. They are refusing to activate my website and respond to my emails. How do you deal with this? I can’t even migrate it to other platforms because the basic plan doesn’t allow migration. Just really frustrating and disappointing. Please advice.

I don’t see how anyone in the forum can help you clear this up with Webflow as this is an operational issue. Personally I would pull the site down using existing tech tools and move on.

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