My website on free plan is deleted from dashboard

I’m new to webflow, and I started a free plan. I’ve been using that site to learn webflow. I set it up maybe three months ago. But I haven’t touched it in at least one and a half month. I had to push pause on it because of a lot of unforeseen events that requiered my focus. I logged in today and found my site has been deleted from my dashboard.
Is there a trial period if you don’t have hosting? It makes perfect sense, but I didn’t see anywhere it was a trial period. Also, I got NO notification that the trial period was about to end, and that if I didn’t upgrade my content would be deleted. Nothing!
The website was crap, just a lot of things I threw there just to practise. So the content is not important. But, come on! An email would’ve been appriciated. Is this common practice with webflow? Do they not have automatic emails or whatever for this?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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