My website does not look the same when I export it


I’ve been designing this website for the past days, i want to export it to my hostinger server. When I preview the site on webflow, everything looks fine. But when i look it at ,
Its too small for large screen and I tried adding a larger breakpoint, using F’insweet plugin to convert everything in REM but nothing seems to work. So here I am begging for your help.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(Published website)

Hello again, Just saw that the problem seems to be coming from chrome navigator as it looks fine on edge, someone knows how to fix this?

When i open the .html alone in the folder, looks perfect, hosted on hostinger with NO modifications to the code, much smaller… And looks terrible on brave. Im clueless

@William_Mesiti - It would be helpful if you could share a published URL to the page so inspection in a browser is possible.

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Hello @webdev you can see the published version at

Brave on macOS looks fine to me.

What about chrome? Mine is significantly smaller than the

Same and FYI Brave uses chromium which is the same as Chrome’s rendering engine. I suggest you clear your browser cache.

Browser cache did the trick! Feeling stupid of wasting so much time to try and fix it but happy that webflow isnt at problem here cause i love this software! Thank you for your help!