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My Website Content Moving on Mobile

Hi there,

I added a page on my website that includes a section with horizontal scrolling.
I think this is causing my website to be ‘moveable’ and have white space to the right on mobile devices.

Please see here:

I tried placing a wrapper around the horizontal scrolling section - so I could add styles to it on mobile to stop the content from being able to move but it didn’t work.

Do you have any suggestions of how I can fix it?

You can look at my ‘read-only-link’ here:

Is this still happening? I can’t seem to replicate it on my end.

Have you checked that page on mobile? It’s only occurring on this page of my site:
Which mobile are you looking at that page on?

Yes the issue is still occurring for me on my iphone - as you can see below - I’m able to move the content to the left with white space on the right.

Gotcha. It looks like a safari thing.

Also, I don’t think it is your slider. It seems to be something to do with your footer. When I remove the issue the footer it seems to solve the problem. Are you doing anything custom to the footer?


Ohhh… I tried removing the footer too and it still was happening on my phone… it must be a safari thing then… Hmmmm

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This is a tricky one. Have you tried deleting the Slider section and see if it issue still happens?

Yeh I just tried that and it still occurs… It’s weird because this doesn’t occur on any other page on my website… very bizarre.
Yes this is a tricky one.

If you remove the interaction you have for the top section, does that still create the issue?

aha… that was the issue! Thank you!
I changed the interaction to come from the top instead of the side…

I used that on another side and it didn’t seem to cause that issue… but oh well, it’s fixed now! Thanks again!

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Whoohoo!! You’re very welcome.

Glad we could find a way around it :partying_face:.

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Yes… I’ll have to keep an eye on those interactions in the future : )

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